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Thank YOU!  I am so grateful to my Audience and Clients! Thank you for taking the time to write me! Every comment & message warms my heart :)


See first hand what some meditators have to say and then try a guided meditation for yourself!



"I thoroughly enjoyed this meditation! I have to say it was incredibly intense. As a spiritualist and one who regularly meditates, I have to say this is my new favorite! Great job!"



Jennifer Hope

"Wonderful at first my root chakra was so dirty but slowly it's becoming cleaner. I'm finding I'm not nearly as anxious the next day and after having anxiety for years. I've never felt so calm!"


esotericx827, wrote

"this was the most incredible meditation I've ever done! I'm a beginner and I literally felt sensations all throughout my body that were so cleansing and rejuvenating. Thank you so much!!!"


Daniel Ryan, commented

"My son Kurt and His dad Dan want to say thank you for our bed time ritual~"


Barry Sides, wrote

"Tears like rivers released so much that was killing my soul. Thank you so very much. There is hope now..."







"That is just amazing thank you so very much I could unless feel mother nature flowing through my body and now my body has a great tingling feeling as I feel more open to everything. God/Goddess Bless."

<3 and Light xx ~ Luna Star


"Thank you so much =) This made me feel so much better. I try very hard to meditate on my own, but I can never seem to focus. This helped me so much. <3"

Rusty Silver


"This is totally amazing, I listen to your Chakra Cleansing Meditation twice a day, once sitting and once laying down, just seems to make me feel so much better after I listen! Great job and thank you so much :) "

Glenn Minchinton


"I just want to show my appreciation by saying that I have been using your guided Meditation for over 4 years now and I still love it! It's my go-to meditation of all time!  Thank you!!"



"This is the most amazing chakra meditation video that i have found!!! Thank you so much for this it has helped me clear my mind and focus on cleansing, recharging, and activating my chakras!!! I will be using this every day when i get home."

Kurtas Cook


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