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Law of Attraction Coaching



In just a few weeks you can learn how to Manifest Your Destiny! Law of Attraction Boot Camp is a program that is designed and tailored to help you re-program your limiting beliefs so you can become a Conscious Creator!


  • EASY

  • FUN

  • FAST




Witness Mini-Miracles In Your Everyday Life!

Find Your Flow in Life & How To Manoeuver Around The Obstacles.

Learn The Art Of Allowing & Watch How Life Unfolds Easily & Effortlessly For You!

Life Doesn't Have To Happen 'To You'.  Life Can Happen FOR YOU!


Meditation is also incorporated into the program as daily Soul-Work and coupled with FUN-work

(not boring-work ;) which brings forth clarity in the manifestations you desire.  

Personalized guided meditations made specifically for you are what makes my program UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE!

Meditations are yours to keep, the gift that keeps on giving! You will also have direct email access to me the entire time we work together!

Learn How to Manifest Your Destiny!


Become A Master Manifestor!

I met Zia a few years back by chance at a meditation class she was leading and ever since then knew that I wanted to work with her.  She was so spiritual and balanced and right off the bat knew my issues and what it would take to overcome them.  I wasn't totally ready to commit to working on my issues at the time but a few months ago I had a life changing situation and decided to work with Zia to overcome whatever was holding me back.  In the last few months working with her, I've had amazing realizations and have gone far beyond anything I had done before both mentally and spiritually.  She helped me survive a difficult time in my life and to learn new habits and tools that have helped me become much more positive and productive.  It's hard work getting over the negativity that we have been thought during our childhood and in life in general, but with Zia's guidance and coaching I have been able to do that.  Although our work is never done, but now I know what I need to do to stay on the positive path to be successful, achieve my goals and live my dreams! Thanks a million Zia!


Maryam Aghaian

Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life!

LOA Boot Camp is a 4, 6 or 8 week program that will Shift Your Perspective and Reprogram You! You will GET CLEAR on WHAT YOU WANT, REMOVE YOUR BLOCKS and OPEN UP TO RECEIVE YOUR MIRACLES!  Best of all, you will get the tools you need and LEARN HOW TO COACH YOURSELF for life!  Priceless!!

LOA Boot Camp is successful because it is an easy-to-follow program that is fun & EXCITING to learn your own magic! The program is filled with processes & tools you will use forever on your journey so you can Learn To Coach Yourself! 

You will have HUGE RESULTS with the simple changes you make in your daily life! Once you start to see the results of these changes, you will feel EMPOWERED & AWAKE like never before! 

These changes will bring you inspiration, open you up to your inner most passions and creativity in ways you can't begin to imagine, the Universe Has Your Back and





I bet the gremlin in your head may be saying,

"There are so many of these programs out there to choose from and they are all the same, why is this one any different?"


What makes LOA Boot Camp UNIQUE is that this program is TAILORED FOR YOU, it's SUPER FUN & EXTEREMLY EFFECTIVE!! Plus....I will compose, create & record a meditation JUST FOR YOU!!!








My Guided Meditations are composed just for YOU! There are so many different meditations to choose from & the possibilities are endless! When you do the LOA Boot Camp work and use your Personalized Meditations to help launch your rockets of desire into the Universe, you'll get results FAST!  Check out the comments in the                         and see what others have to say about my guided meditations on YouTube (Chakra Cleansing & Activating Meditation, Spiritual Journey Meditation & the Powerful Chakra Tuning Meditation) Manifesto Meditations writes, records and produces all our Meditations. Go to                                     and try one now!                                 


Schedule Your  Consultation NOW :)

This helped me so much. My experience working with Zia was enjoyable and uplifting. It's something I needed to get back on track again. She got me to my rooted focus, which is daily positive affirmations, stuff that I need to lift my spirit and get passionate about doing something with my life every morning when I wake up. Love it a lot now that every day I am making daily possitive affirmations as a part of my meditation routine. Many thanks to Zia!


Vienna Ho

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