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Personalized Guided Meditations Made For YOU!

Your Perfect Tool To Help You Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams! FAST!!

Your Own Meditation!!!

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Try one of my meditations below and sample my work :)

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Take the next 20 minutes to Manifest Abundance in Your Life using this powerful guided meditation to create abundance in your life STARTING NOW! Through the powerful Law of Attraction, you will send your SPEAR of Desire out into the Universe and create the life you want, one manifestation at a time! 

This 9 minute guided meditation is designed to help you get into your quiet sacred space, a place you can go to anytime to connect to your soul.  Set your intension to receive guidance from your inner being, ask for guidance in a specific area of your life. Float along to the sounds of the music and be open to receiving either during the meditation or in your daily activity in the days to follow. 

This 13 minute guided meditation is a great approach to Holistic Healing as you will be guided to tune your 7 chakras and allow for white light healing to take place throughout your entire body. This is an easy way to recharge your etheric body and receive positive affirmations all in one meditation. Remember that breathing is key to effective meditation. Practice this meditation daily or as often as you like.

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