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Chakra Cleansing & Activating Guided Meditations


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                                 This meditation is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE!! This NEW Version (over 30 minutes in length) designed to completely reset your Etheric Body by clearing out ALL your emotional debris & toxic energetic build-up, and Activating You for your Highest Potential!  The original meditation was posted on YouTube in early 2013, and it became a big hit among the millions of meditators that used it, so I was inspired to re-create it and make it an even more POWERFUL meditation for you by adding more Magical Elements!  

Remember that you are working with years, maybe decades, or even lifetimes (for some of you), of emotional energy that has been trapped in your energy system.  When doing work as deep as this, it can bring up some intense feelings, memories, and emotions that no longer serve your higher purpose.  Your Soul knows it's time to clear all this out, that is why you have been led to this meditation.

With all the testimonies and comments from my listeners and clients over the years, (just a fair warning) this meditation may bring some of you to tears.... it may be very POWERFUL & INTENSE (for a lot of you), and that is an Excellent Release.  It's very normal to cry, to feel very emotional, or even physically drained after intense energy work like this. 

You may, or may not, feel the energy in and/or around your body - either is fine. You may, or may not, see the colors vividly in your minds-eye, either is fine. With practice, you will open up more and more. You may feel all different types of sensations, and they may vary each time you do the meditation - that is all fine, too.  Know that you did good work by surrendering to the energy, and allowing the Divine Energy to do ALL the work.  Release the unwanted, and the unnecessary.  Let GO, and FREE YOURSELF! This is Your Spiritual Journey ~ Be Gentle With Yourself.  Meditation is a Practice.  Recharge Your Soul Daily and Magical Miracles will Manifest.... I Promise You.


It's time for you to live your life's purpose and connect with your Divine Spirit so you can enjoy your journey to the fullest! 





                                                        The Magical Music was created by Anaamaly Music (pronounced “anomaly”).  Phil Strickland is an Award-Winning Composer, and creates Zen-ful Masterpieces, that can be heard all over the world! His music is spiritually moving and introspective, using instrumental soundscapes for deep sleep, relaxation, yoga, and meditation. The powerful soundscapes in this meditation are specially designed to take you on a hypnotic journey as you tap into the depths of your Soul/Spirit and Etheric Body, to help you Cleanse and Activate your Chakras.

To create these meditative soundscapes for the chakras, we used the ancient healing wisdom of 432Hz. By tuning to 432Hz we are aligning mathematically with nature and the universe.  The pure tones that are emitted put us in balance and at ease, allowing us to reach deeper states of meditation and healing. The music is also specifically tuned to each chakra to provide ultimate healing and features mystical pads and flutes, enchanting waters, futuristic drones, noisescapes and textures, chime like sounds and deeper tones to help set the mood to amplify your meditation experience and results!  You will slip into a trance-state, easily and effortlessly, by simply allowing the guided meditation & hypnotizing music to lead the way.   

Anaamaly Music  |  | 


Healing Sound...

The Most Powerful & Effective Chakra Meditation!!!

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It is recommended to use your computer/laptop to purchase the meditation (Do not purchase from mobile phone).  Soon after, you will receive an email with a link to download  the MP3 - The link will be available for only 72 hours, so be sure to download it asap!!  Simply drag and drop it into any of your MP3 players or devices, and meditate anytime, anywhere, and as often as you want!

                                                          Chakra Colors through Crystalline Light was created specially for this meditation by Mel Zia Photography.  The photography plays an intricate part in amplifying your meditation session and intensifying your benefits through visual aid and color therapy. 

Mel is a Fine Art Photographer, specializing in Spiritual Photography.  She has been working with crystals for over ten years and has a sacred relationship with them.  She understands their unique energy as each individual crystal has its own healing vibrations and magical powers.

In this series, she used an Optical Calcite which is a highly evolved crystalline structure that is known to draw one into multiple dimensions ~ the past, present and future.  She creatively infused the powerful energy of the crystal for each of the main seven chakras and produced a magnificent masterpiece!  This crystal is used for both healing and manifesting.  This is also a powerful way to connect with the akashic records while working with your chakras.  

Her unique Crystal Infused Photography is created to empower the viewer by visually tuning into the vibrations of the optical calcite while simultaneously receiving the benefits of chakra healing with color therapy.  Not only is this art, but it is healing art for all to enjoy.


This is a journey that starts with your eyes.  Gaze into the photo of each chakra, feel the vibration pass through your lens and allow the energy to flow to you.  Slip into a deep meditation or just visualize what you are dreaming of when you connect with these powerful chakra images and amplify your meditation session!

She created this epic photographic series exclusively for this Chakra Cleansing & Activating Guided Meditation, and she is excited to share her unique style with you! 

Mel Zia   | |


Healing Images...

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